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Guide to Purchasing High Quality CBD oil

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Determine CBD concentrate type:

Crystalline CBD isolate (Pure) White in color, Clear in liquids.
Full-spectrum extract, CBD oil can range from dark green to brown (honey).

Should CBD oil be clear?

Broad-spectrum oil may be Clear, depending on the type of extraction/product used (crystalline CBD isolate). Full-spectrum extract can range from dark green to honey color depending on extraction method, filtering, as well as type carrier oil to CBD oil MIX ratio.

Why is my CBD oil gold?

High quality CBD oils can be honey (gold) in color. Any CBD oil labeled full spectrum should have a honey appearance. Full spectrum CBD oil should not be clear in color, most likely to good to be true. Do not solely depend on the color of CBD oil for quality , just a start, the next step you should take is to verify the labeling for type of CBD isolate used.

Transparent labels and test results

A trusted and reputable company will have concentration levels labeled, CBD oils should contain no less then 250 mg per 30 ml. The ease of using website as well as information on label:
Are all information on bottle the same on website? Are ingredients LISTED the same listed on the label ? Does the company offer a C.o.A (Certificate of Analysis), which helps maintain accuracy of concentration levels of CBD oil. If not provided, will they provide upon request ? Ask questions if you are not familiar with company, are they transparent? When in doubt walk away!

Hemp Seed Oil Or CBD Oil?
Hemp seed oil is not the same as CBD oil or Hemp oil. Hemp seeds are cold-pressed into oil with simple nutrients without terpenes and cannabinoids, which is why the pricing is significantly lower. Scam CBD oil companies use labels at times to mislead you into believe Hemp Seed Oil = CBD/Hemp oil it is not! There are 100s of cannabinoids in Hemp, it is potent so it can be expensive.
Free CBD Offers/Too Good To Be True Claims
Want free samples be cautions they may ask for credit card number. Even if they state it covers shipping mostly like a scam due to the fine print giving consent to membership to company unknowingly, leaving fees until you notice and cancel the membership. BE CAREFUL not to miss Cancellation date! Stay away from any person claiming unrealistic benefits for their CBD oil without evidence.
Some Examples below:

  • No Ingredients listed and/or C.o.A Certificate of Analysis

  • Immune boosting CBD sanitizer and soap protects against Covid19

  • The purest CBD in the world

  • CBD oil has a 100% absorption rate

  • Check website/spelling on label

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