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Lip Service
  • Lip Service

    IPI / ICMS / ISS não incl.

    10mg of CBD infused chapstick. Experiencing dry cracking lips this is your go to! Moisturize those lips as well if lips are starting to darkened, use to bring the color back.

    The Lip Service Lip Scrub Balm is the perfect addition to your lip care routine. Say goodbye to dry, chapped lips with this hydrating and protective balm that leaves your lips feeling soft and smooth for hours on end.

    Soothing: The sugar and honey ingredients work together to soothe any irritation or inflammation on your lips, leaving them feeling comfortable.

    Hydrating: Mono Terpenes, Hemp Oil, CoCo Butter and Shea Butter are combined to provide intense hydration that replenishes lost moisture in the skin.

    Long-Lasting: This balm is formulated to provide long-lasting moisture throughout the day so you don't have to reapply constantly.

    This lip scrub balm comes in a stick form for easy application on-the-go. Plus it's made with natural ingredients like Sugar Honey Mono Terpenes Hemp Oil CoCo Butter Shea Butter so you can feel good about what you're putting on your skin.

    Made in the USA: This product is proudly made in the US which ensures quality standards are met during production

    The perfect quantity per pack: You'll receive 1 stick of this amazing lip scrub-balm per pack which will last up until it expires

    Incorporate Lip Service Lip Scrub Balm into your daily routine for a hydrating moisturizer that keeps up with all of life's demands!


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